Imperial Glory



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If you're a fan of the average man then this is something that's going to be a special treat as it's a Book Noir tale of vengeance against a traitor. Written with a dark grittiness it really does make you wonder exactly what you're going to get with this tale and each twist improves the reader's appreciation as we're taken through the story...
For the full review see Falcata Times Issue #6

...The plot is a refreshment within the 40k universe, and First Officer Ward’s schemes are diabolical, yet the ending seems rushed, as if the author ran out of ideas towards the last third of this book. The elements that make this book so unique within the first 200 pages are somewhat lost towards the end. Had Williams managed to retain this style through the last page, this book would have been my top recommendation for this issue.
For the full review see Firebase Issue #7

What the fans say...
"'s impressive how confidently the work is written. He knows how to tap into one of the rich veins of the 40K universe, which is that of the normal everyman suffering horribly under the weight of a quasi-fascist regime (the Imperium)...
...the Imperial Navy feels ripe for exploration and he may be just the man to do it."
I.S. Clements on

"If you are expecting to read of space marines, heroic space battles, and loyalty to the Emperor, then this book is not for you. This story is all about traitors, greed, and mutiny... most will thoroughly enjoy this tale set in the W40K universe."
Detra Finch of Huntress Review

"I was very impressed. I devoured it in under a day and hope ... that there will be others about the ship and crew to follow it. All in all a fine addition to my Black Library bookshelf."
User dal, Black Library forums

"A very good book. Highly recommend."
User Xisor, Black Library forums

"Just finished this book and must say I thoroughly enjoyed reading it... Will definitely pick up Planetkill when it comes out..."
User FrostPaw, Black Library forums