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‘Mortal Fuel’ by Richard Williams and ‘The Heraclitus Effect’ by Graham McNeill raise the bar. However, they don’t diverge from the characters covered in each authors’ novels, so Williams writes about the Relentless and McNeill about Uriel Ventris. Obviously, this is a matter of taste - but when reading a short story, I’m looking to discover something new instead of obtaining some extra information for already existing stories.
For the full review see Firebase Issue #7

What the fans say...
"If you have already read the novel, you will already know most of the characters. If not, the author has done a terrific job with minor explanations and you will have no trouble what-so-ever. More than one nice bout of irony comes into play as well."
Detra Finch on Huntress Reviews

"Mortal Fuel by Richard Williams could be a metaphor about what happens when a hungry imperialist empire decides to strip mine a country (here it is a planet) of anything of worth (here it is water) leaving only the dry husk remaining, leaving the natives behind to rot. Not a war story per se, this is more of a bleak apocalyptic story with a social message. Worth reading by all fans of science fiction.
Mark Louis Baumgart on Amazon.com

"My favorite story in this collection of short stories is "Mortal Fuel". That story provides an excellent back story of how such an empire spanning the galaxy can continue on for millenias and fits nicely into Warhammer 40K's "bloodiest regime imagineable".
Kritik on Amazon.com